massage treatments

Nature gives us everything we need to stay healthy and feel good. Which is why we only use “Chrystal” feel-good products here as they are made 100% out of natural active ingredients from our alpine region.

You are very welcome to arrange massage appointments with us in advance in order to secure your favorite date.

Full body massage

This classic full body massage personally tailored to the parts of your body must under strain guarantees maximum relaxation.

approx. 50 min

€ 82.00  

Half body massage

You can perfectly relax the back, shoulder/neck, arms, legs or foot as a result.

approx. 25 min

€ 45.00  

Face and head massage

Simply forget about everyday life? Leave the world behind you and refresh your appearance and energy at the same time? The face & head massage is the right treatment for this.

approx. 40 min

€ 59.00  

Foot massage

A foot massage has a beneficial and relaxing effect, especially after particularly long days, sporting activities and travel.

approx. 40 min

€ 59.00

Anti-stress massage

“Stress is a pain in the neck.” Tension in the back extensor and neck area is loosened up. Experience the wonderful feeling of a load being taken off your shoulders afterwards.

approx. 40 min

€ 65,00

sports massage

Have you strained your muscles, do you need more than a massage? Tension in the areas most under strain in your whole body is released using arnica massage lotion.

approx. 50 min

€ 82,00

mountain massage

With this head to toe massage we have time to devote attention to your whole body to restore the feeling of relaxation that you want on holiday!

approx. 80 min

€ 105.00  


Thanks to the warm atmosphere and massage, the Hawaiian temple massage gives you a very special kind of body experience. Moistened with warm oils, the Lomi Lomi therapist’s hands and lower arms glide smoothly over your body. The massage doesn’t just aim to loosen up tense muscles but it addresses the whole body by releasing your innermost tension and blockages and naturally and gently treating your mind too.

approx. 50 min

€ 92.00