Family Ehrenberger



The story of the white lamb goes back 300 years. With house number 5, our house is one of the oldest in our village and one of the first inns in the Paznauntal. At that time, the dining room (most of which is still in its original condition) was also a popular place to go for communication, bargaining, haggling, but also a sociable meeting place where people liked to have a glass of wine.

Even today, a golden wine jug adorns the "old lamb facade" as a reminder of this time. At this time, but especially after the war years, the inn was run very simply and always in family ownership. Running warm water was unthinkable in those years. Over the years tourism came to the Paznauntal and with it the idea of ​​an inn kitchen. The inn was well known, especially at lunchtime. The years that followed brought many changes. In addition to farming, guest beds and a restaurant, the house grew into a modern hotel. We, as your hosts, have been running the business since June 2001. In recent years, the hotel has been constantly adapted to the needs of our guests, expanded and further invested in comfort.

Arrived in a "reduced luxury" you can let your soul dangle and gain distance from everyday life according to our taste.